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Mooring dolphins or dock pilings for nautical decor

Above: 3-spar moorings are 48" tall and single spar is 72" tall.

Mooring Dolphins, also called dock pilings, create a unique nautical atmosphere for your home or business.  

Commercially built construction crafted by hand retains a natural weathered appearance. Verdigris will appear over time on the copper for an "authentic waterfront mooring" look.

 Priced at  $150 each.

Close up, copper topped mooring or dock piling



  Individual spars with copper top   Pressure treated wood
  Pre-drilled 1" hole on single spar for rope   Blue/green patina on copper

  Additional manila cordage available, various diameters

       up to a full coil 600 feet in length (see photo below)

  Left and Right pairs, exact height per spar +- one inch

  Mailbox supports (see below) with or without copper 

Wood mailbox support using 3-spar mooring


Steel Anchor System included with each mooring dolphin.

Weight 150-250 lbs each 

Custom built to 72" tall

Mooring style wood mailbox support with scroll detail

Mailbox support with scroll detail

Support arm not included

in price of mooring but

can be added upon request.


Custom heights to comply with landowner or local specifications

ALL Moorings are CUSTOM BUILT. They are not stock items.

Northern White Cedar Mooring Dolphins

Pure 100% Natural Northern White Cedar For Indoor Use


3-Spar Northern White Cedar with Copper Tops


Single spar cedar moorings with 1-1/2 inch rope holes

"Rope Line" Single spars with 1-1/2 inch rope holes

Right, 3-, 4- or -5-spar units available

Northern White Cedar Moorings or dock pilings available in many sizes

AVAILABLE: Tree-Length Natural Cedar Logs, 10' - 20' - 30' long


Cedar rope line crowd control stanchions

New Item! Rope line stanchions of pure cedar

Wood stanchions are topped with copper, leather or canvas.  For wharfs, patios, pedestrian control. Sturdy, 34-36" high.  Eye bolts on each side or holes drilled through for continuous rope line. 

Five or six foot manila rope with connecting brass snap hooks $25 extra.  

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